Our Mission:
To promote those activities and events which celebrate the traditions

and the heritage of the residents of the borough of Kulpmont.

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In support of our mission we have:
• Organized and funded the 100-year
    anniversary of our Borough 
• Planned and executed a 100 year Celebration        in 2016 
• Provided and displayed the flags of the nations      of our heritage in 2016 
• Provided and displayed the flags of all of
    our Armed Forces in 2017 
• Provided and displayed First Responders flags      in 2018
• Provided BELIEVE Banners and Yard
    Signs - December 2018

Building Cooperative Spirit

Cultural Awareness

Holiday Programs

• Gathered more than 40 law enforcement
    agencies, fire departments and emergency
    response teams together for the First
    Responders Appreciation Day.
• Sponsored High School bands from
    Shenandoah, Mount Carmel Area, St. Louis
    De Montfort Academy, and Our Kulpmont
    Boys Band to honor first Responders
• Completed the exterior restoration of the
    Kulp Memorial Ascension Chapel.
• Initiated a county-wide First Responders
    Appreciation Day in Kulpmont.
• Sponsored a parade to honor First
    Responders on first Saturday after Labor Day.
• Initiated an annual “Craft Beer Fest” in
    Kulpmont the last Saturday of June.
• Restored the “ringing bells” of Saint
    Casimir at the Saint Pauline Center; and
    dedicated them to our Veterans and First
• Helped to bring Our Kulpmont Boys Band
    to the forefront of Kulpmont activities.
• Sponsored an Annual Soppressata
    Contest the first Saturday in May.
• Hosted an annual Holiday Concert at the
    St. Pauline Center, featuring the MCA
    High School Concert Band and the Saint
    Louis de Montfort Academy Choir.
  •  Installed an 8' LED Guiding Star" at 13th & Chestnut Streets​
  • Donated to the Kulpmont Lions in sponsoring  the Halloween Parade.
• Every Christmas season since 2016, with
    K.S.A., we have hosted Santa’s Sleigh, with
    Santa, a live Dominic the donkey, and live
    Charlie the camel.
• Sponsor a “Name the deer” contest.
• Created BELIEVE as the Kulpmont Holiday
• Initiated and funded an annual “Best Holiday
    Decorated Home” contest.
• Sponsored the Holiday concert at the St.
    Pauline Center – free to the public.

Youth & Community

•With assistance from the Degenstein foundation, will complete new basketball courts at the Stadium in 2020
  • Support local youth sports teams /KFBA                    Players / Coaches.
• Provide backing for student athletes,
    cheerleaders and band members.
• Support the Kulpmont Sportsman Annual                  children’s fishing derby.
• Held “Name the Deer” contest w/KSA for
    area youth.
• Assist local fraternal and Veteran’s
    organizations in funding programs /projects.
• Held annual Santa Sleigh at Town Park for                hundreds of children to visit Santa.
• Donate food & products to local
    Outreach/Soup Kitchen to support elderly

Future Projects and Activities-
With Your Help!

• Maintain and continue all the annual events we        have restored or created.
• Bring a Comedy Shoppe Night to Kulpmont the      first Saturday of March.
• Continue support for all service and veteran’s          groups and clubs in Kulpmont.
• Begin the process to create a                                              Kulpmont Historical and Archives Center.
• Expand the BELIEVE and Guiding Star Holiday        programs.

Environmental Projects

• Provided volunteers to work with the West
    End Fire Association to build exterior ADA
    restrooms to help re-claim their outdoor
    “picnic” grounds.
• Provided pet stations to the Borough to install
    at Veteran’s Memorial Park, so people and
    their pets can have a “clean” experience.

Helping Veteran's Groups

• Provided support to the Kulpmont American          Legion and the Kulpmont Veterans of Foreign        War for the annual Memorial Day parade and        other projects.
• Provided support of all fundraisers by the                  service organizations in 2016 –2018.