The Kulpmont 100 Committee has decided to maintain the momentum generated by the 100th anniversary celebration by expanding and/or initiating commemorative and celebratory activities throughout the year, with a goal of having 100 days of activities in Kulpmont within five years. Activities will include; but, are not limited to:

  • The Chimes of Saint Casimir – One such undertaking would be to bring back the       playing of the Chimes of Saint Casimir – an audible Kulpmont icon of the past.
  • Our Kulpmont Boys Band – the committee is working on providing a permanent        home for Our Boys Band to practice and store instruments so that they can increase  in numbers and public performances within the community.
  • Memorial Weekend – with the Kulpmont American Legion and the Kulpmont Veterans of Foreign War, the committee hopes to expand the traditional Memorial Day celebration into an expanded Memorial parade – followed by  a “Concert in The Park” by Our Boys Band featuring the music of America.
  • Car Cruise Weekend – June
  • San Marziale and All Kulpmont Saints Weekend – July
  • Kulpmont Sportsmen Association “Outdoor Sportsman Weekend”– September
  • First Responders and Firemen’s Weekend – October
  • Chestnut Festival – November – Tutti Santi, Castagni Arranti.
  • Spring Time in Kulpmont – April