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1875 – Kulpmont Founded

It was near a site where coal was discovered and log cabins, the forerunners of residential homes had sprung up along Quaker Run. In 1773, William Tomlinson of Berks County purchased that tract of land they named “Stonehenge.”

William’s son, Isaac Tomlinson opened an Inn, established a farm, and mined coal that would furnish heat for a blacksmith shop on the Reading Road that became Scott Street in Kulpmont.

Anthracite coal was known to exist in Shamokin region at a very early date, but none of its uses were known. Coal stones were first pieces of curiosity that later became black diamonds.

The Tomlinson Tract is one of three places where anthracite coal was first discovered. Isaac Tomlinson should be remembered and honored as the first discoverer of Shamokin Coal, and the second person to apply it to practical use.

The borough would be named in honor of Monroe Henry Kulp, (1858 – 1911), a timber financier, colliery operator, and later, two term Congressman for the 17th District of PA. His real estate holdings and investments in Shamokin were sizable. Edgewood, Fairview, and Kulpmont (suburbs of Shamokin at the time) owe their growth to his activity.

Although Kulpmont applied for incorporation as a borough on August 24, 1915, the first borough meeting was held January 3, 1916. During meetings on January 11 and 18 of 1916, committees were formed for the first time, including: Finance, Street and Sewer, Water, Fire, Police, Light, Printing, Ordinance, Health, Law, Purchasing, and Auditing.

Chief Burgess Ralph E. Stroup presided. Thomas Johnson was appointed the first President of Council. Fellow council members were: John Eishenmuller, John Tarascavage, Leon Molesky, Sandi Nairmo, John Clouser, and Lewis Stellar.

Chief Allen Purks led the newly formed police department of 21 officers.
Monroe H. Kulp Memorial Episcopal Church of the Ascension – built 1912
By Kulp’s widow, Sarah.





Monroe Henry Kulp, also known as “Farmer Kulp”, Born in Barto, PA 1858, settled in Shamokin, PA.

HON. MONROE H. KULP, ex-Congressman from the 17th Congressional District of PA. A man of large and varied business interests throughout the state, was a son of the late Darlington R. and Elizabeth (Gilbert) Kulp, and was born October 23, 1858, in Barto, Berks County, Pa.

Kulp’s father, Darlington R. (D.R.) was one of the most successful lumber dealers in Northumberland County. Born in Philadelphia, Kulp was of Holland origin. He married Elizabeth Gilbert, of Montgomery County who bore him twelve children, the oldest boy being Monroe H.

In 1867, Mr. Kulp continued his lumber business in Shamokin. (Monroe was 7 years old) D. R. Kulp was first president of the Roaring Creek Water Company. He bought large tracts of forest land, cut the timber, and converted property into productive farms. Later, Monroe would purchase additional acres of timber land and began developing and shipping the lumber products. In this purpose, he became President of the Lewisburg & Buffalo Valley Railway Company. He was a director in Shamokin Water Company; Shamokin Street Railway Company; Shamokin Steam Heat & Power Company; Vega Silk Company; and the Salt Lick Oil & Gas Company, the Masonic fraternity, an organizer of the Cresco Club of Shamokin; a member of BPOE; Pottsville Club; Harrisburg Club; Sunbury Club; Ross Club of Williamsport; The Turf Club of Philadelphia; and Union League of Philadelphia.

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History of Kulpmont Borough  Incorporated August 24, 1915

The Borough of Kulpmont was incorporated August 24, 1915; with the First Council/Organization Meeting held on January 03, 1916 with the meeting being called to order by the Honorable Ralph E. Stroup – Chief Burgess. At this time Thomas Johnson was elected as President of Council. The following were elected as Council Members: John Eishemmuller, John Taraskavage, Leon Molesky, Sandi Nairmo, John Clauser, and Lewis Steller. Thomas Johnson/ temporary Secretary.  Joseph Brazaltis/ Clerk. Joseph McFadden as/ Borough Treasurer. Charles Ambrose / Solicitor. Charles Moran /Borough Engineer. Frank Chesney /Borough Supervisor. At subsequent meetings,  ommittees formed: Finance, Street and Sewer, Water, Fire, Police, Light, Printing, Ordinance, Health, Law, Purchasing, and Auditing. At this time President Johnson appointed the following Policemen, Allen Purks – Chief, Joseph Politza, Gable Priest, Charles Malumasky, Ben Taraskavage, William Kriwicki, Joseph Aulchefsky, Harrison Baylor, Andrew Bressi, Frank Sevetski, William Mummaw, Larry Lodotia, Ben Barkofski, Moyer, Seelock, Joseph Feudale, Thomas Hill, Charles Zlotozinski, Witt Miller, John Zalefsky and Tony Anonia – Special Policeman. At this time Board of Health Members were appointed: Tony Anoya – One Year, Frank Seretsky- Two Years, Dan Harkins – Three Years, Dr. – Four Years, and James Kane – Five Years. The Bank the Borough used at that time was Dime Deposit. Motion passed for the meetings to be held on the first Tuesday of every month. Kulpmont Borough Council Meeting held January 18, 1916, with the meeting being called to order by President Thomas Johnson. During this meeting Ordinance No. 5 was read and adopted Regulating Traffic on the Streets and Highways of the Borough. Ordinance No. 6 was read and adopted Fixing Bonds of Secretary and Health Officer of the Board of Health. Ordinance No. 7 was read and adopted Declaring all Streets to be public Highways and Imposing Penalties for their Obstruction. Ordinance No. 8 was read and adopted Prohibiting the fire of Firearms. Ordinance No. 9 was read and adopted Regulating the Business of Transient and Wholesale Merchants. Ordinance No. 10 was read and adopted Regulating Hawking, Peddling, and Canvassing. Kulpmont Borough Council Meeting held January 18, 1916, with the meeting being called to order by President Thomas Johnson.  At the previous meeting the motion to appoint the policemen was repealed. At this time Council appointed the following policemen: Allen Purks – Chief, Joseph Politza, Gable Priest, Charles Malinaksy, Ben Taraskavage, William Kriwicki, Joseph Aulchefsky, Harrison Baylor, Andrew Bressi, Frank Sevetski, Bill Mummaw, Larry Lodotia, Ben Barkofski, Phillip Moyer, Charles Seelock, Joseph Feudale, Thomas Hill, Charles Glotozinsky, Witt Miller, John Zalefsky, Tony Anonia, and John Oleanaricic – Special Policemen.

   Kulpmont100 Celebration – July 1,2,3, 2016                          

At an organizational meeting held February 13, 2015, the Kulpmont100 Committee was first formed, naming Nicholas Bozza Chairperson. Other volunteer committee members were: Jeff Gilotti, Thomas Letcavage, Joseph Meyer, John Motyka, Joseph Pancerella, David Shinskie, and Keith Tamborelli.

Message from the Chairman 

Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to Kulpmont’s 100 plus year legacy of tradition, pride, and achievement. We celebrate this milestone anniversary in the same way we achieved our success – above all, together. Strive to remain united as we adapt and transform to meet the challenges and opportunities of our own time.

Nicholas Bozza SR.

Activities Schedule for Anniversary Weekend

Friday                  July 1

Ecumenical Prayer Service     5:00       Opening Ceremonies at Roosevelt Court/11th Street

West End Fire Co Kickoff          6:00       Beef & Brew / Music byThe Fobias”

Jan Sobieski Club                      10:00      Musical Entertainment / Music by “Wail’N Angels”

Saturday              July 2

Holy Angel’s Church                   11:00    Ethnic Mass

Holy Angels Grounds                   3:00 – 10:00  Picnic

                                                           4:00    Music by “Dusty Fender”

                                                           7:00    Music by “Memory Lane”

w/Beverages by Sportsman’s Club  & Knight of Columbus

Veteran’s Memorial Field Fireworks at DUSK

Jan Sobieski Club                     10:00 PM   Music  by “The Terry Meyer Band”

Sunday                 July 3

West End Fire Co                        10:00   Start BBQ Chicken Roast, Chestnut Street

Parade                                            10:00   Staging at 1st Street on Chestnut Street (  PA 61 )

2:00     Procession Starts

After Glow                                      5:00    Free Band Concert at Legion Grounds

Jan Sobieski Club                    10:00 PM   Music by  “Looker”